Claiming the Catholic Social Justice Tradition

Plenary I will focus on historical perspectives in the development of Catholic social justice teaching and the concepts that have brought us to this point in social justice thinking.

The speaker will be Maureen Fiedler, SL, with James Nickoloff as the responder.

There is much to embrace in our Catholic traditions, not least our attention to the dignity and equality of all God’s people and a preferential option for the poor. This plenary will refresh our minds about the depth and vigor of our social justice teachings and the power of those teachings as they have been brought to life by faith communities.

Maureen Fiedler, a sister of Loretto and a long-time champion of social justice, will open anew these pages of our church history. She is known for her energetic zeal, and will help us claim the work of justice with new vitality.

Jim Nickoloff brings a second voice to the stage in this plenary. Steeped in theologies of liberation, he’ll help bring home their applications to our real time and situations. He will speak also from his perspective as a gay man who, like so many of us, has known the liberation from oppressive teachings that have no resemblance to our traditions of social justice.