DignityUSA 21st Biennial Convention

Let Justice Roll Like A River

July 4th - 7th, 2013      Minneapolis, MN  

The convention schedule, liturgy and program are available to download at the bottom of this screen

When Dignity members, family and friends gather in the Twin Cities, we will be in a land with a great heritage of social justice and faith. We will celebrate the gifts of the great upper plains and honor the wheat ground into flour for the Eucharist, which sustains us and be empowered by the rushing waters and falls of the Mississippi, which drive our thirst for justice.

Convention attendees will immerse themselves into questions of justice, thirsting to see Dignity’s mission for equality and justice in church and society for LGBTQ Catholics be fulfilled. And we will let the waters of justice carry us beyond ourselves to seek wholeness and holiness throughout our world.

Come be renewed in the waters of the land of 10,000 lakes.

Join hundreds of people committed to doing justice for LGBTQ people and others in the context of our faith and join us for Convention 2013 in Minneapolis. We hope you will spread the word among your family and friends.  Encourage them to experience a Dignity convention - an occasion that truly renews and refreshes our spirit so that we can continue the work of bringing about a just and inclusive church and society.

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